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The Deviation of the Youth: Its causes and the means to remedy it

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By: Shaykh Sulaymanal-Ruhayli
Publisher: Troid
Paperback, 54 pages

Description from back of book:

In today's technologically ubiquitous world, our youth are but a click away from evil and corruption. The internet, television and other forms of digital media coverage today, inviting the potential for destruction. In addition to the allure of sinning online is the attraction of charismatic speakers seeking to misguide our Muslim youth. These trials test young Muslims in ways society was never tested before. The instantaneous and unrelenting timeline of information can swarm a young mind, deviating it from the Straigh Path. A spoiled youth, as it relates to the ummah, is like the heart to the body. If the heart is rectified, then the entire body is rectified, and if it is corrupted, then the entire body is corrupted and will deviate, and that will subsequently affect the entire society." To counter this destructive phenomenon, this timely book illuminates and addresses these modern forces of youthful deviation, offering clear and wise advise to remediate them.

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