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Sky Blue - Men Saudi Ad-Daffah LT Thob by Ibn Ameen - IA3

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Crisp Professional Style Saudi Ad-Daffah LT Thob (Jalabiya). Features two deep side pockets in addition to a front pocket for added functionality and ease. Also ideal for school and casual wear. All year round comfort fabric. Designed by Ibn Ameen.
Size Chart (Garment Measurements)
Size Chest Waist Length
S 46" 50" 50"
M 50" 52" 55"
L 54" 62" 58"
XL 58" 66" 56"
XXL 64" 68" 57"
BIG 64" 72" 57.5"

Browse for the Size Chart in the above garment pictures. These measurements are of the garment, they are not your body size. We recommend you measure a garment that fits you well and compare those measurements to the size chart above.

Alternate SKU: 22317285, 22317292, 22317308, 22317315, 22317322, 22317339

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