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30 Days of Guidance: Cultivating The Character & Behavior of Islaam - Self-Study/Teacher's Edition - A short journey within the work al-Adab al-Mufrad with Sheikh Zayd Ibn Muhammad Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee

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By: Compiled and Translated by: Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi Al-Amreekee
Publisher: Taalib Al-Ilm Education Resources
Paperback, 401 pages

Description from back of book:

This book is intended for the Muslim individual for self-study, for us as Muslim parents in our essential efforts to educate our children within Islam and our ongoing endeavor of cultivating them upon the extraordinary character and behavior of our beloved Prophet. It is also intended to be an easy to use classroom resource for our Muslim teachers in the every growing numbers of Islamic centers, masjids, and Islamic weekend and full-time schools. It is divided into 30 daily selections of one or more related authentic narrations along with a brief explanations and practical discussions on implementing their guidance in our lives from the well known scholar: Sheikh Zayd Ibn Muhammad Ibn Haadee, may Allaah have mercy upon him.

The importance of this subject has been indicated by many. The well-known noble scholar of hadeeth Muhammad Naasiruddeen Al-Albanee, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said, ""And the reality is, in respect to myself, when I was in my first days of seeking knowledge Allaah, the Most Glorified and the Most Exalted, guided me to understanding the importance of purely worshiping Allaah alone without any partners or associates, and I came to be aware of the state which the Muslim world was living in of being far away from properly realizing this essential worship of Allaah alone. I used to suppose that the problem facing the Muslim world was only their being far from properly understanding the meaning of the statement ""La ilaha illa Allaah"" ( there is none worthy of worship except Allaah).

However, after some time it became clear to me that there was also another problem which was directly connected to this first fundamental issue, meaning the problem of the Muslims being far from properly understanding the meaning of the statement of tawheed. This additional problem, being that the majority of the Muslims were not truly reflecting the authentic character and behavior of Islaam except to a very small and minimal degree.""

(Fataawa Jeddah - Cassette 34)


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