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Coral Athletic Style Hooded Abaya - BQ85

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Garment sizes S to Plus
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For the Muslimah on the go, this Chocolate Brown abaya offers a sporty and sleek look. Scrunched cuffs ensure sleeves that stay put and don't ride up, and not to forget give an athletic edge. Features two zippered pockets at a sleek angle for style and convenience. The front zipper compliments the zippered pockets and also adds ease and functionality; no need to struggle into this abaya! To top it all off is a chic hood, just the right size to garner compliments but not too large to become bulky and cumbersome. Designed in a light polyester, the fabric is comfortable and breathable, ideal for warm days. Striking a balance between casual and chic, this abaya is perfect for Muslimahs who do not want to sacrifice style for ease. Who says you can't have both?