------------------------ Asalamo Alikum, First, I want to say thank you for sending your beautiful new catalog, I've been trying to get one for some time and honestly, it was well worth the wait. When I first found out about you in 2004 from your old catalog...I got teary eyed because I've never seen anything like what you have. I've received quite a few books from your store. To make a long story short, you have a customer for life, Inshallah. Again, thank you for your excellent service and may Allah continue to bless you and your business for years to com. Wasalam, Shakir Taqi Ahmad Wilmington, DE ---------------------------------------- Asalamo Alikum, The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said in a hadeeth that "He who hasn't thanked the people hasn't thanked Allah." So, I would like to thank the Islamic Place staff. Your company is gaining popularity here amongst the Muslims. And in my humble opinion, it's because of the quality of merchandise and authentic creed, along with the haste in which you send orders. Thanks again, and may Allah shower his favors and blessings on the Islamic Place, and all those who work there. Ameen. Wasalam, Keith Burley Frackville, PA
Dear Brother/Sister

As Salaam-u-Alikum

Welcome to our online store. Insha-Allah, God willing, you will find hundreds of enlightening products that have been recently added. We are continuously updating and adding more products. Check back frequently for more selection. Please contact us if there is any Islamic product that you are searching for and is not found on our website. Most likely we will have it available in our showroom.

You are invited to visit our showroom, which is the largest showroom of Islamic products on the east coast. We are a long established distributor of Islamic products in US, since 1989. Currently, our location in Philadelphia houses over 10,000 Islamic products.

By the grace of Allah, The Islamic Place is celebrating twenty years of excellence and service to the community from its early humble beginnings in 1989 to its flourishing present of 2009. These twenty years would not have been possible without the support and prayers of our loyal customers.

We thank and praise only Allah for all the blessings he has showered upon us.

From all of the Brothers & Sisters at The Islamic Place ,

Wa-Alikum As-Salam

Store front:
The Islamic Place store front

Inside Aerial View 1:
The Islamic Place: Inside Aerial View 1

Inside Aerial View 2:
The Islamic Place: Inside Aerial View 2

Inside View, Books selection:
The Islamic Place: Inside View, Books selection

Inside View, Abaya selection:
The Islamic Place: Inside View, Abaya selection

Inside View, Scarves selection:
The Islamic Place: Inside View, Scarves selection

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